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PAS Graphics - digital graphics and promotions company - have been around since 1989 and love what we do!
We give our clients that.... X Factor.....something special that makes them noticed!

In essence we are an Advertising Agency specializing in the design and creation of exhibition stands throughout South Africa. However some other things we love doing and, I might add, do very well is supply you a full range of corporate and promotional gifts and clothing at highly competitive rates; design, create & print all your marketing media & digital graphics for brochures, flags, banners, bunting etc, etc.

A real advantage working with us is that we do all our digital printing and laminating in house so we control costs and work till all hours.....meeting deadlines is our game!

We pride ourselves in offering a complete below the line advertising service geared towards promoting our clients' business while complimenting and enhancing their corporate image.

Australia branch now open, please contact Wade

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